Enterprise eLearning

Train your staff for one low price. No yearly fees. No hassles.

Does your staff need training in programming, development, or design?
If so, we have a solution for you.

Stone River eLearning offers an enterprise learning solution that fits your budget and your need for unlimited quality education for your staff. Pay one small fee for each employee who needs training and get lifetime access to all of your training materials. No additional or yearly fees. No hassles.

Fee for training

  • $150 license per employee
  • Lifetime access to all training courses
  • No yearly fees, no additional fees, no hassles
  • Get free access to all new courses
  • Bulk rates on purchases of 20+ licenses


A recent survey indicates that 40% of employees who don't receive proper training leave within the first year of employment, and it's costly to replace them. Giving your employees the resources and time to learn new skills not only keeps them happy and employed at your company, but better equips them to handle day-to-day tasks through the new skills learned.

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